Rough-In Bracket for 6.5" Speakers

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Product Overview

Speaker new-construction brackets are used in the rough-in phase of speaker installation.

Designed for 6.5” Speakers and can be used with any brand’s 6.5” loudspeakers that have an 8.25” cutout size. This is the most common size for 6.5” speakers in general in the industry. The internal opening of the C67 bracket is 8.375” with 1/8” extra so that a 6.5” speaker fits in easily.

These brackets are designed to locate the proper position and to provide drywall installers the correct cut-out pattern for the speakers. The brackets have perforated wings that are nailed, screwed, or stapled onto the wall studs. Once the drywall is installed, the opening is cut out and the speaker frame is inserted into the opening through the bracket.
The brackets are made of tough plastic and aluminum and can withstand the abuse of the construction process. Each unit consists of a speaker bracket and two tabbed wings to secure to each side of the stud opening.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review