Dual Monitor Mount (T-QX22)

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Want to have a monitor arm that features smooth and accurate height adjustment? Gas spring arm isn't the only choice you have. Mechanical spring offers you similar functionality at a more affordable price. It also allows the design of monitor arm to be sleeker without the larger gas cylinder. QX22 incorporates two durable mechanical spring accommodating various applications including design, finance, engineering, programming and gaming. With preset spring tension, you can effortlessly adjust most monitors from 2kg-8kg to your desired height, and reduces strain on your neck. Staring at a monitor with an inappropriate focal distance is exhausted. The foldable design offers you comfortable focal distance to reduce eye fatigue. We also simplify the process of mounting. Innovative quick on/off VESA plate allows you to mount or replace your monitor by yourself. A clutter-free desktop is important for your productivity. Built-in cable management keeps your desktop organized. Also, heavy-duty clamp with decorative cover offers great transition between the sleek arm and the steel clamp. QX22 not only looks good, but also has great functions. Start being more productive while working healthier with our mechanical spring dual monitor arm.

Colour: Metallic Gray



(No reviews yet) Write a Review