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TEXONIC 5 Zone 120W Mixer Amplifier w/ WIFI, Bluetooth, MP3 & USB


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Introducing our 5 Zone 120W Mixer Amp, equipped with a range of impressive features to elevate your audio experience:

- Powerful Sound: With 120W output and 5 zones, enjoy clear and dynamic sound throughout your space.

- Versatile Connectivity: The mixer amp boasts 3 XLR jack Mic inputs and 2 Aux inputs, ensuring seamless integration with various audio sources.

- Flexible Load Options: Supporting 70V/100V/4-16ohms, this amp provides the versatility you need to connect different types of speakers.

- Wireless Streaming Made Easy: Benefit from the built-in WiFi wireless music streaming receiver, Bluetooth receiver, and USB player for hassle-free audio playback.

- Enhanced Signal Coverage: The addition of a dedicated RJ45 port ensures reliable WiFi signal even in areas with weaker reception.

- Convenient Control: Easily manage your audio with separate ON/OFF switches for the 5 Zones 100V speaker outputs.

- Phantom Power for Microphones: Three 48V Phantom Power jacks are available, perfect for unbalanced 6.35mm plug microphones.

- Priority Mic Function: Mic 1 takes precedence over other inputs, ensuring important announcements are heard clearly.

- User-Friendly Display: Stay informed about your playing program's status with the high-definition display.

- Chime and Siren Circuitry: The built-in Chime and Siren functions, along with push-button and volume control, provide added convenience and versatility.

- Audio Customization: Adjust the BASS and TREBLE tone controllers to achieve the perfect sound, all managed by the Master volume control.

- Safe and Protected: Rest easy knowing the amp comes with complete protection against output short circuits, overload, and high temperature.


Upgrade your audio setup with our feature-packed 5 Zone 120W Mixer Amp, and enjoy an exceptional listening experience with top-notch functionality and security.

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