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Skybell is a high-definition video doorbell that lets homeowners enjoy new levels of security, control and convenience wherever they are in the world

*THE SKYBELL APP SENDS YOU AN ALERTS: A visitor presses the doorbell and Skybell sends a live feed alert to your smartphone.

*SEE, HEAR & SPEAK TO YOUR VISITOR: See, hear, and speak to your visitor with free app for selected iOS and Android devices, no matter where your day takes you.

Resideo Pro (Honeywell owned company)  


  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution Video at 15 fps
  • Low-Light Recording
  • 180° Field of View
  • Two-Way Audio with Built-In Mic/Speaker
  • Motion Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Works with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0
  • Free Skybell App for iOS
  • Live View & Alert Notifications from App
  • IP54-Rated for Dust- & Water-Resistance
  • Image Sensor CMOS sensor
  • Resolution1920 x 1080
  • Frame rate up to 15 fps
  • Video CompressionH.264
  • Field of View180°
  • Microphone Omnidirectional
  • Speaker105 dB SPL at 1 cm
  • Motion Sensor PIR detector, 180° fields of view, up to 10' (3 m)
  • Minimum Illumination0.1 lux
  • System Requirements Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz
  • Initial Setup: Smartphone or tablet and a high-speed Internet connection
  • Operating System: Apple iOS 8.1 or later, Android 2.X or later
  • Power Requirements External power source connected to 110/220 AC power
  • North America: NEC Class 2 transformer with an output from 8-30 VAC, 10 VA, or 12 VDC Limited Power Source (LPS) with 0.5 A
  • International: Low voltage transformer with an output of 8 VAC, 1 A, or 12 VDC limited power supply with 0.5 A
  • Operating Temperature-40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
  • Dimensions4.8 x 1.44 x 1.13" (12.2 x 3.65 x 2.86 cm)
  • Weight: 2oz (56.7 g)


  • HD VIDEO: See your visitor up to 1080p HD and 5x zoom.
  • MOTION SENSOR: SkyBell alerts you even if a visitor doesn’t press the button – providing additional security.
  • LIVE MONITORING: Monitor your front door at any time by starting the video from the app.
  • FREE VIDEO RECORDING: SkyBell can record each video so you download or watch them at any time.
  • MULTIPLE USERS: Multiple people can receive alerts to answer the door and you can have multiple devices on each account.
  • HEAR & SPEAK: 2-way audio means you can enjoy a full conversation with your visitor.
  • ACTIVITY HISTORY: Review the day’s events while you were away – includes missed visitors, answered video calls and motion alerts.
  • COLOR NIGHT VISION: Feel safe knowing you can see a visitor at night – in full-color HD video
  • QUIET MODE: Turn off your home’s doorbell chime from the app so it won’t wake up a baby!
  • SNAP PHOTOS: Capture a photo of your visitor with the touch of a button
  • RUGGED: Only SkyBell can work between -40 and 140 degrees F
  • ON-DEMAND MONITORING: SkyBell is “Always On” so homeowners can start a live video stream at any time for remote monitoring.
  • Video storage of up to 500MB of video clips

*Audio and high-definition video viewing accessible through the SkyBell HD app. iPad and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


  • 1 x Brand New Honeywell Resideo SkyBell Trim 1080p Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Unit
  • User Installation and Assembly Instructions
  • Necessary Hardware Kit 
  • Please note wedge plate is not included 

Click here to view installation video

Click here to view information's about the Skybell Digital Doorbell Adapter. 


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7 Reviews

  • Posted by Lloyd on 2018 Oct 5th


    Working great, easy to install.

    The unit is working great and was easy to install and set up. Really nice to know when a package has been left for me.

  • Posted by Sarah on 2018 Sep 24th


    Great product

    No problem connecting and hooking up video, runs perfectly, comes highly recommended.

  • Posted by Kavi on 2018 Mar 6th


    Good product but could be improved

    Didn't like the round design of the Skybell HD and found out about this new design of the same product that would fit my door frame. It would have been great if it included the wedge mount as mine didn't have it included. The wedge mount cost around $30 in Canada which I find quite expensive for a piece of plastic so I might actually just build one for way less. Installation was easy since I had a mechanic wired doorbell before. It took two tries to sync with wifi but it worked in the end. I chose this product over the Ring Pro mainly because I didn't have to pay the monthly fee for storage as Skybell provides 1 week of cloud storage. Image quality is great and you can choose lower resolution if your wifi connection is not too great. The led colour made it a cool addition to your door. Although it's made of plastic, it does look nicer than your average doorbell. Price is on the high end but others like Nest and Ring aren't cheap either. Now, there is a couple of things Skybell could have done to make this product better. First and foremost is that there is no motion zones so you will get notification if there is motion anywhere which created LOTS of false motion alerts for me. This would be my greatest criticism for this product. Even if you choose the lowest sensitivity, this didn't help much. I have a couple of trees on the side of my porch so any strong breeze will cause me to receive the alert. Hopefully, once I get/build a wedge mount, this might help. Also, if you live in front of a busy street, any car or people passing by will cause a false alert. I will still keep the product given the free cloud 1 week storage and the cool design but I wish they come with motion zones sooner rather than later.

  • Posted by Philip on 2018 Jan 20th


    Very good product

    Installation should be a breeze and it would have been had my existing doorbell been installed correctly 30 years ago. However I had the strangest soon as I had connected the Skybell according to the illustration, the chime started to ring took me some time to find out that the transformer in the circuit(first had to find it) was not standard and was only rated for 10V. I found in the Skybell support documents that 16V is required. Once I had changed this (found and installed a 16V transformer, not expensive) everything worked just fine.

  • Posted by Steve on 2018 Jan 12th


    Love it!

    This was a great addition to my home security. Installed and running in under 20 minutes. Shipped safe and secure by courier. With no ongoing cloud fees and a great HD image from this camera, I highly recommend it.

  • Posted by Adrienne on 2017 Oct 22nd


    Best security investment I have made this year

    I have ADT monitoring, but adding this doorbell to my front door is exactly what I was missing! I couldn’t see who was at the door, but now I can see clearly both day and night! The motion sensor is great and the clarity of the image is outstanding. If you want that extra bit of security, this is the what you need.

  • Posted by Jeff Mack on 2017 Sep 27th


    Great Video Doorbell

    Was looking for an alternative other than the Ring bells. This was it. Great video quality, slim form factor, and decent price. Installation was easy, and connecting with my Wi-fi was a cinch. Was unsure at the time if it would work with the SkyBell app since it has Honeywell written all over it, but it does indeed work just fine. Really cool that you can change the color of the LED light, so you can theme it to however you wish. Only gripes I have: the audio isn't as loud as I hoped for users at the door, even at the loudest setting, and the motion detection misses people leaving the house 10% of the time. Overall though, fantastic video doorbell, so fantastic that I bought a second one for the back door as well!