Dahua 4MP Network Security System

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Product Overview

Six (6) 4 MP Eyeball Network Cameras with One (1) 8-channel 4K NVR

The Dahua N484E62 Network Security System provides all the components to quickly install, configure, and employ a complete video surveillance solution. The IP cameras offer the clarity of 4 MP video, and the NVR offers built-in motion detection algorithms, alarm triggers, and customized recording modes. The NVR also features Plug and Play technology to connect quickly to cameras on the same network. Each component accepts a PoE power supply to facilitate installation

4 MP Network Cameras

• 4 MP at 20 fps Maximum Resolution
• 2.8 mm Fixed Lens
• Maximum IR Length 30 m (98 ft) with Smart IR
• Intelligent Video System
• IP67 Environmental Protection

4K Network Video Recorder

• Embedded Quad-core Processor
• Smart H.265+ and Smart H.264+ Dual Codec
• Up to 8 MP Resolution for Preview and Playback
• Up to 2 Channels of 8 MP or 8 Channels of 1080p Decoding
• 80 Mbps Incoming Bandwidth



(No reviews yet) Write a Review