About Us



Our Journey

 In 1986, a group of IT specialists and technicians came together to combine their knowledge, expertise, and experience to serve their clients with the newest products and unique professional services. This team then formed Texonic Engineering Systems (Pvt) Ltd, which consisted of global IT experts who specialized in computer-technology integration (CTI) software and leading technology that led to the revolutionary development of our modern technology. For the last 33 years, they have provided clients with the latest and greatest technology in the market whilst providing exceptional and professional services that customers are stupendously pleased to this day. In 2006, the group expanded their operations to the North American market and presented their first ever North American location in Canada, providing the new market with revolutionary audio-visual solutions, CTI software and digital signages. Texonic has developments around the world and Texonic Canada our newest subsidiary.    


Our Mission

Texonic Engineering Systems (Pvt) Ltd mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing affordable,

responsive, value-added technology solutions to elevate each home or office to its highest potential.

Why Us?

✓ Fast Shipping

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 ✓ Unbeatable Prices

✓ High Quality