Wifi Audio Streaming Receiver (A-ER50)

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Product Overview

Wi-Fi Streaming Music System

Turn your old existing speakers or home theater reciver into wireless streaming system with high quality sound uninterrupted streaming from your smartphone/tablet/laptop/PC,etc.

The A-ER50 allows Multi-room streaming up to 10 standard amplifier, hifi or powered speaker system to be easily transformed into a wireless device, supporting one-to one connectivity with wireless devices such as iPhone, Smartphone, tablets, etc.

The product also allows for multiple A-ER50 devices to be connected together via a standard Ethernet network to create a multi-room / multi zone wireless audio system, with the ability to connect your wifi device (smartphone, etc) to any A-ER50 devices on the network or a number of devices to be connected at the same time.

With a A-ER50 wifi audio adapter connected to an amplifier, hifi or powered speaker in each room, your library of digital audio tracks can be played on any chosen group of audio outputs for a simple to set-up, wireless multi-zone audio system.

A local Audio Input is also provided via a 3.5mm Stereo Jack, to allow a wired connection to stream from a local “Plug In” source, the WiFi Stream when active will over ride the local wired input.

Control of the device is managed by an APP which can be downloaded from the iTunes or Google Play stores; the APP is called “Smartsonix”. The device can also be accessed with Windows Media Player 12.

Further managed features via the APP include the ability control the content playing on the device or devices, the ability to link/join units together to allow broadcast of the same content to multiple devices/zones and, control of device/zone volume level.

Another great function of the A-ER50 is that if linked to a host WiFi network it can also extend the range coverage of the WiFi network, giving extended access to the web.

  • Weight: 0.12KG
  • Dimension: 116 x 95 x 22 mm (4.5" x 3.7" x 0.8")
  • App Control: Compatible with Android/iOS
  • WiFi Connection: Airplay, DLNA, WiFi Direct (Miracast)
  • WiFi Standard: IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11n Standard
  • Audio Input: 1x Analog Audio Input,1x RJ45 (Broad band connection)
  • Audio Output: 1x Analog Audio Output
  • Streaming: Spotify, Qplay, Deezer, Melon, TuneIn, IHeartRadio, etc.
  • Local Music: Streaming music directly from phone or NAS(Network Attached Storage)
  • Multi-room Playing: More than 60 speakers can be combined to the same zone and play same music
  • Power Input: Mini USB 5V


(No reviews yet) Write a Review