Multi zone amplifier with ceiling speaker System | Canada

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4 Channel room audio system with tuner, Bluetooth amplifier

TEXONIC makes setting up a multi-room audio as easy as 1,2,3! By taking out the hassle out of the set-up and presenting the simple steps, we hope it makes the process understandable for tech gurus and tech newcomers. The TEXONIC 4-zone audio system allows you to separately control music into 4 different rooms while keeping the quality of the audio consistently pristine.

If there are any further inquiries or questions regarding the installation process, Texonic is here to help make sure your dream home theatre system an amazing reality.   

Include in this Kit

  • TX8220 ONKYO Stereo Bluetooth Tuner Amplifier
  • Volume control distribution hub
  • 4 x Volume control
  • 8 x 6.5" Two way In ceiling Speakers
  • 200ft Honeywell FT4 In wall speaker cable